An atlas of veterinary surgery

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They offer extensive experience and expertise in the areas of orthopedics, general surgery, spinal surgery and traumatic injuries. Welcome to Veterinary Cancer & Surgery Specialists, Oregon’s new local and privately owned cancer and surgery hospital. Simply ask a staff member for more details. Elsevier Science, (USA) Acral lick granuloma ablation, cutaneous masses: skin tags, follicular cysts and tumors, gingival hyperplasia and epulis, hyperkeratosis of digital pads /nasal planum, hemostasis, malignant melanoma, localized demodex, inclusion cysts, papillomas, epibulbar melanoma, pigmented viral plaques, actinic keratosis, pinnal tumors, feline ceruminous cystomatosis, calcinosis circumscripta, squamous cell carcinoma removal, viral papillomas, wound management (acute and chronic), nodular sebaceous hyperplasia, and plasma cell pododermatitis. “The CO2 laser proved to be an excellent choice for laser surgery because of the ability to limit the zones of damage to microsurgery with little to no collateral damage.