Dress Better, Feel Better July 25, 2016 – Posted in: News

It’s been said many times that dressing up, having your hair done, wearing makeup, wearing jewelry, getting in shape, etc… makes you feel better about yourself. And that you should do it for yourself and not for someone else. But doesn’t it also make us feel good when someone else notices?

I happen to use this technique when I am in a mental slump. I notice that when I go to my office in sweats and a tee, I feel sluggish and tired. Keep in mind I work from my home office, so rolling back into bed is closer to reality than it may be for others. (*grin) However, when I dress up like I am going to the office (like a real corporate office) I am more mentally motivated and get more accomplished that day.

What are your thoughts on this issue? Do our clothes/outfits really boost self-esteem, confidence and productivity at work? Or is this just another mind game society plays on us to get us to shop?! 😮

Girl trying dress in looking in mirror cheerful and happy. Cute beautiful mixed race Asian / Caucasian young woman oin red dress.

Image: Girl trying dress in looking in mirror cheerful and happy. 

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